Did you know that 11 million items of clothing go to landfill every week in the UK and that 20% of fashion industry carbon emissions come from cleaning, drying and ironing garments? But that 95% of discarded garments could be reused or recycled, and huge advances have been made in the clothes cleaning industry to mitigate its environmental impact?

Rather than relying on traditional, out-dated textile recycling infrastructure, which often results in items ending up in landfill, we have teamed up with Xetrov, our cutting-edge sustainable impact partner. Xetrov uses a ground-breaking advanced thermal treatment process to convert Babu’s worn-out items into renewable energy, which can be used in a variety of ways, including power, heating, cooling, drying, and food production.

We clean and sanitise all our garments in house using the latest wet cleaning and ozone technology to deliver a better quality clean that is kinder to skin, clothes and our planet. Wet cleaning is as gentle and effective as hand washing or dry cleaning, using only water and biodegradable detergents at low temperatures. Running on 100% renewable electricity, our top of the range machines work on the most efficient cycles possible, resulting in minimal water and energy consumption.

And packaging? We use only biodegradable and recyclable packaging and ask you to reuse the packaging your order arrived in for your return to minimise environmental impact.

All in all, our members reduce their family’s carbon footprint by up to 80% for the items they rent instead of buy and help save an average of 242 litres of water and 6 kilos of CO2 emissions per month compared to parents who buy all of their children’s clothes. That's what we call feel-good fashion.