About Babu

Babu is the exclusive rental subscription service for little ones from newborn to 4 years old, founded by mums for mums with the mission to increase the use and prolong the life of beautiful luxury garments that are typically used a handful of times before they are grown out of.

Babu offers monthly boxes of 10-15 wardrobe-elevating items from partner brands including Balmain, Caramel, Foque, GANT, Il Gufo, Roberto Cavalli, Stella McCartney Kids and Tartine et Chocolat, curated for you or chosen by you and delivered directly to your door for a flat subscription fee, billed weekly.

Our curated boxes have been put together by some of the UK's most stylish women, from fashion journalists and stylists to celebrities and influencers. We are working together to highlight the importance of the circular fashion economy and spread the word about how our sustainable impact partner, Xetrov can materially help to combat the fashion industry's waste crisis. 

We encourage busy mums to donate their pre-loved clothes via their returned Babu boxes. Whether they enter the Babu ecosystem, are donated to our partner charity Little Village, or are sent to Xetrov to be converted into renewable energy, garments will enjoy the most sustainable lifecycle possible.

We professionally clean and sanitise all returned Babu garments so our members don’t have to and our free and flexible monthly collection and delivery service makes for the ultimate convenience.