About Babu

Babu was born out of a wish to solve the conundrum that all parents face: children grow fast, which makes buying clothes for them frustrating. We value how they look and how the clothes they wear make them feel, but we hate wastage, so we end up prioritising the practical and pragmatic, and putting function over fun.

Children possess a special freedom of both mind and spirit, and as parents we spend our lives trying to both protect and promote this precious freedom. Fashion offers children a unique medium to be creative and express themselves, and Babu exists to support this; to embrace children’s open-mindedness, sense of adventure and willingness to experiment by democratising fun and fashionable clothing. Let your child be weird, funny, fabulous. Let them be whatever they want to be even if it lasts five minutes. Let their personality run wild. Let them be with Babu.

Our fuss-free one-off rentals with no strings attached, make limitless wardrobe creativity easy and accessible to parents, so you can say yes over and over again. With a concierge service always on hand to help, and Wear & Tear Damage Insurance and professional cleaning included in our rental prices, the future of fashion has never looked so good!