FAQs & Support

Hopefully you will find answers to any questions you may have below. If not, please do not hesitate to call or WhatsApp us on +44(0)20 3752 4910 or email us at concierge@babu.clothing.


Babu is a luxury childrenswear rental subscription platform, delivering boxes of 10-15 luxury pieces to your doorstep every month. You can choose from our selection of carefully curated boxes or build your own.

Rent: Choose a curated box or build your own box and purchase your subscription. Relax and look forward to receiving your first box and discovering the 10-15 special pieces, carefully selected by one of our Babu curators or chosen by yourself! Free DHL express shipping and returns are included with all subscriptions and we offer optional damage insurance for £10 a month for extra peace of mind.

Love: Make the most of your month with your Babu pieces and don't worry about washing - we professionally clean and sanitise all garments upon their return! You will also find a message on donations in your box; include your pre-loved clothes when you return your box and receive Babu rewards points for every item we keep. Anything we don't will be donated to children in London living under the poverty line through our partner charity, Little Village, or passed on to Xetrov for conversion into renewable enegery if irreparably stained or damaged.

Return: We will remind you when it is time to start packing up and send you a visual checklist to make it easy to remember what goes back in the box. We will book you a DHL home collection at your convenience or you can opt to take your box to a handy DHL drop off point. We ask that you keep and re-use the mailing box that your Babu box arrived in (and help save the planet in the process!); your return shipping label is included in your box on delivery so no printing required!

Repeat: You can choose or build your next box or ask us to choose one for you. Once your current box is on it's way back to us with DHL we will immediately send out the next. If your little one has grown out of one age bracket and you have asked us to choose your next box for you, you will automatically receive the next size up (we will ask for their birthday and keep track of sizing), unless you tell us otherwise. We know that standard sizes don't always fit all! You can also pause or cancel your subscription any time with only a week's notice.

We work with an exclusive mix of contemporary and luxury brand partners who are aligned on our quality and sustainability values.

We are proud to partner with Balmain, Bimbaló, Bonton, BOY London, Caramel, Emilio Pucci, Foque, GANT, Il Gufo, Levi's, Molo, MSGM, Patachou, Paz Rodriguez, Rachel Riley, RaspberryPlum, Roberto Cavalli, Simonetta, Stella McCartney Kids, Tartine et Chocolat and Tommy Hilfiger. 


Our boxes go all the way from newborn to 4 years - that means we have you covered right up until your little one's 5th birthday!

You can choose your next curated box or build your next box from your relevant size range every month. If you are too busy to choose your own boxes and would like us to allocate boxes for you, we will ask for your little one's date of birth and ask whether they are big or small for their age so we can work out when to send you larger sizes. Your subscription will automatically grow with your child!

However, if your box arrives and it doesn't fit, that's no problem. Just let us know via our dedicated concierge, so we can book you a DHL return collection and organise to send you a new box in the correct size.

We are the first concept combining convenience and luxury through pre-curated collections composed from some of the biggest and most popular names in children’s fashion. Or if our curated boxes are not for you, you can build your own box of 10-15 pieces!


We are the only children’s rental platform who has established partnerships with the brands in our brand mix and who is working with some of the UK’s most stylish women to offer a ‘personal shopping for your child’ style service.


We have also gone further than any other rental platform in our commitment to the sustainable lifecycle of our clothes, via our end-to-end proprietary garment care and disposal processes.


In addition, we make it free, easy and rewarding to contribute to the circular fashion economy and to donate to charity in order to help end child clothing poverty in the UK.

Boxes and Garments

From Balmain to Bonton, Cavalli to Caramel and Pucci to Patachou, our curated boxes are made up of a fabulous mix of 10-15 pieces ranging from day wear to occasion wear, spanning t-shirts, collared shirts, blouses, trousers, skirts, dresses, sweaters, cardigans, jackets and coats. Each box contains a considered range of brands and garment categories to take your child's monthly wardrobe to the next level. 

If you are building your own box you will be taken through steps to choose a certain number of pieces from each category, with a wide range of available brands in each category!

If you want to choose your next box we welcome you to browse the available curated collections and let us know which one you would like, or build your next box yourself.

Otherwise we will automatically allocate one for you so you can sit back, relax and look forward to each unboxing to discover a new capsule collection every month.

Babu offers a 'personal shopping for your child' style experience, with our curators selecting items from our exclusive roster of brand partners for you, so our curated boxes come as full capsule collections and we are unable to swap pieces out.

We welcome you to build your own box if our curated boxes don't suit you or you can brief us on your style or needs and ask us to create a bespoke selection just for you!

If your box arrives and it doesn't fit, that's no problem. Just let us know as soon as possible and we will book your free DHL home collection (or you can drop your box at a convenient service point) and we will send out a new box in the correct size.

We ask that you return your current box on time every month so that we can clean delicate garments that cannot be washed at home. However, if you would like to enjoy the same box again, you can request that we wash it and send it straight back to you or you can request it again a month or two down the line. But you never know, you may enjoy the next one even more!

We get the vast majority of our garments direct from our brand partners but we also accept select branded pieces in good condition from our members, who receive rewards points for all donated items that make it into the Babu eco-system.

Our ethos is all about sharing and giving garments their longest and most sustainable possible lifecycles, which is why our garments are not available to buy.

Don't worry! Please get in touch so that we can find a resolution together.

Please always return the item to us as we are really good at getting tough stains out and might be able to repair any damage. If not we will get in touch so we can find a resolution together - we understand that accidents happen!

We also give you the oppportunity to add damage insurance to your subscription for a one off monthly charge of £10 to give you peace of mind that there will never be extra charges for any items that are returned damaged.

We are proud to go further than any other rental platform in our commitment to sustainability: any returned clothes that are not usable by Babu are recycled through conversion into renewable energy by our cutting-edge sustainable impact partner, Xetrov.

Garment Care & Hygiene

Our ethos is all about sharing the love and giving garments the longest possible lifecycle for the benefit of our planet! With that in mind we ask that you respect our luxury garments as though they were your own so that as many families as possible can enjoy them after you.

Our in-house eco-laundry facility uses innovative technology to remove stains, kill germs and fully disinfect our garments to European standards. This process makes our garments cleaner than any you could buy from a shop. All clothes are then checked to ensure they pass our quality control before being sent to their next home.

We take care of the washing so you don’t have to! Return your Babu garments dirty and cut your laundry load in half! 

We understand that you may want to wash certain items during your rental so that you can use them multiple times. We just ask that you follow our washing Do’s and Dont’s listed here.

Our in-house wet cleaning programme, using state-of-the-art machines, achieves the same results as dry cleaning using only biodegradable detergents and low water temperatures with extremely efficient cycles of only 20-30 minutes, all run on 100% green energy!

Delivery & Returns

Yes! Free DHL shipping and returns are included with your subscription. 

A pre-printed returns label is included in each box. We will remind you when it is time to start packing up your box and will book you a DHL home collection at your convenience (with collection windows as short as 2 hours) or you can opt to drop your box at a DHL service point. 

We do our best to accommodate our members wherever possible, so if you will be on holiday during a box return date, just let us know and we can work out a solution together, depending on how long you are away for.

Yes! We ask you to please look after your cardboard mailing box as well as your Babu box and send your used Babu garments back in both so that we can use them again for your next delivery. We recommend that you keep your Babu box somewhere safe and put dirty items back into it as you go. Please recycle the tissue paper and biodegradable stickers used to wrap your garments!

Yes – you will receive the following emails from DHL On Demand Delivery (which will include your Waybill Number for tracking): 

Your Shipment Is On Its Way

Your Delivery Is Today


Please login to your account and select View Addresses and Edit.

Donations and Rewards

Our rewards system is built to encourage our customers to contribute to the sharing economy and help end child clothing poverty in the UK. You will find a message on donations in each box encouraging you to include any pre-loved items with your return Babu box at the end of the month.


Pieces in good condition from our brand partners will enter the Babu eco-system and you will be credited with rewards points to redeem against your subscription or to convert into a giftcard to give to family or friends.

Anything we don't keep will be donated to children in London living under the poverty line through our amazing partner charity, Little Village, or passed on to our sustainable impact partner for recycling (i.e. conversion into renewable energy!) if irreparably stained or damaged. 

Pricing & Billing

As a Babu member you will enjoy use of 10-15 luxury items per month worth over £1,000, for a flat fee of £60 per week. That's less that £0.75 per item per day, with a saving of 77% as compared with purchasing the same items.

Your subscription fee includes free shipping and returns with DHL, offering convenient home delivery and collections or accessible pick-up and drop-off points.

You will be billed weekly for your subscription and your card will be charged automatically.

Yes, via our dedicated Giftcard page. Giftcard options are available for 1, 2 or 3 month periods – it’s up to you!

Pausing and Cancelling Subscriptions

Our weekly billing cycle allows you to spread the cost of your monthly subscription and makes it easy to cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

Subscriptions can be paused anytime up to the end of your current weekly billing cycle. Just call or WhatsApp us on +44 (0)20 3752 4910, or send an email to concierge@babu.clothing to let us know you want to pause.

You can send your box back to us any time using the return DHL shipping label included in the box. 

Please note that if you pause your subscription we cannot guarantee that you will be able to restart it at any given time as we may not have the necessary availability in your age range.

You can easily cancel your subscription at any time up to the end of your current weekly billing cycle. Just call or WhatsApp us on +44 (0)20 3752 4910, or send an email to concierge@babu.clothing to let us know you want to cancel.

We will let you know when you need to return your box by and will offer to book your DHL home collection for you. Alternatively, you can book this yourself online using the return shipping label Waybill Number or drop your box at a DHL service point.