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We are delighted to have been chosen by an inspirational mixture of well-known fashion journalists, stylists, celebrities, influencers and entrepreneurs with diverse and discerning audiences, who are committed to raising awareness about the importance of the circular fashion economy.

Sharon Agricole



The London-based fashion stylist says of Babu, "Perfect for an occasion like a birthday party."

Mary Charteris



The fashion model, DJ, and musician says of Babu, "While my daughter is young enough to let me dress her in whatever I like I want to put her in as many prints, colours and ruffles as I can. I just love all these things so much."

Yvadney Davis



The award-winning portrait artist and fashion stylist says of Babu, "It’s never too early to inject fashion personality into your little one’s wardrobe."

Rosanna Falconer



The FashMash founder says of Babu, "These clothes bring me joy and that’s a big part of why I love to rent: you can embrace more daring, unique and expensive designs. It’s that chance to rent a frivolously fun party dress without worrying about longevity and practicality!"

Charlotte Kewley



The fashion stylist and editor says of Babu, "They offer the most beautiful, effortlessly stylish pieces. My very favourite finds are inspired by my own daughter’s pretty, playful twist on traditional style."

Gayle Rinkoff



The celebrity stylist says of Babu, "If you were to take a peek into my own wardrobe you would see a vintage military jacket and a lot of tulle, both of which feature. I think clothes should be fun and your kids need to know that. And don’t save anything for best! Sequins are not just for parties."

Louise Roe



The television presenter, model, and fashion journalist says of Babu, “My girls love this - never a dull day or night in these fantastic creations! Babu is full of fun pieces that will take the basics that you pair them with to a whole new level."

Holly Anna Scarsella



The Pampelone Clothing founder says of Babu, "Having had three girls, I loved picking all the most special pieces they would love - the Patachou dresses are my four year old's idea of heaven and their coats are the perfect finishing touch."

Monique Vega



The founder of Mumble Forum says of Babu, “Renting with Babu is all about the fun factor."

Laura Wills



The founder of says of Babu, "I think as the girls get older I have become much more practical in my approach to dressing them, yet they have gone the other way and if they had it their way 100% of the time they would literally be in ballgowns every day lol. But I get it - its hard to say no to a pretty dress girls just look SO cute when they wear something special."